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Nature's Artifacts, Inc.

Amethyst Mini Pyramid

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The Amethyst Mini Pyramid manifests a powerful visual stance. It helps to stimulate your mind and emotions. Keep the pyramid in your room to alter your consciousness so you can sleep better. Its calming color emits counteracting energy, removing negativity from its surroundings. The presence of the Amethyst Mini Pyramid will destress you and relax your soul with its soothing purple shades and natural healing properties.



✨Inner Peace

✨Anxiety Reduction


✨Spiritual Guidance

Chakra: Crown

Approximately 1″, each Amethyst Mini Pyramid will vary in color, shape, and size.

Made in Brazil


Ships within 2 business days. Free shipping over $100.

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7 day return policy, must be in the exact same condition when purchased and buyer is responsible for the shipping costs.