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Nature's Artifacts, Inc.

Selenite Charing Plate with Gold Tree of Life

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The lustrous white, polished Selenite Round Plate etched with a golden Tree of Life makes an aesthetically stunning decor piece for any space along with having amazing cleansing and healing properties. The Tree of Life is a symbol of strength and growth as well as peacefulness and relaxation.

Selenite brings mental clarity and clears confusion making it a great stone to meditate with or use for grid work or spiritual work. This plate can be used as a charging station to naturally clear, charge and reactivate gemstones and crystal jewelry. 




✨Mental Clarity


Chakras: All; most useful for the Crown Chakra.

Approximately 8 cm, each Selenite Charing Plate with Gold Tree of Life will vary in color, shape, and size.

Origin: Morocco


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