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Nature's Artifacts, Inc.

Selenite Palm Stone - Flower of Life

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Selenite offers deep healing and cleansing characteristics that shield a person or space from negative energies, and restore mental clarity with smooth flow of positive energies. The powerful vibration of Selenite activates all Chakras, especially the Crown Chakra. Selenite properties coupled with the aligned Chakras dispense calmness and serenity.

The Selenite Palm Stone with an engraved Flower of Life is highly polished and is the perfect shape and texture to be held in your hand, placed under your pillow at night, or to be used for meditation and chakra healing. Easy to carry along to reap continued healing benefits.




✨Mental Clarity


Chakras: All; most useful for Crown

Approximately 6-7 cm, each Selenite Palm Stone - Flower of Life will vary in color, shape, and size.

Origin: Morocco


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