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Nature's Artifacts, Inc.

Selenite Sphere

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Selenite is a wonderful crystal associated with purity and hope. It works to clear and protect any space, unblock stagnant energy and infuse it with high vibrations to create a smooth flow of positive energy. The Sphere shape of Selenite allows energy to flow evenly and equally in every direction at once, making it ideal to place at home or office for intense healing and cleansing of the aura, and to protect and shield against outside influences.

Perfect for use in meditation, spiritual work or as a centerpiece of a Crystal Grid as the powerful vibration of Selenite opens the Crown and Higher Chakras. Selenite also reactivates and recharges jewelry and other healing crystals placed near it.




✨Mental Clarity


Chakras: All; most useful for Crown

Approximately 2.25", each Selenite Sphere will vary in color, shape, and size.

Origin: Morocco


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