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Nature's Artifacts, Inc.

Smudging Set

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Smudging is a sacred tradition of burning herbs in an abalone shell. Rest the slowly oxidizing sage or the Palo Santo stick on the fire safe bowl. This ritual cures your surroundings by emerging from negativity and spreading calmness through the aromatherapy scent.

White Buffalo Sage releases what is troubling the mind and removes negative energy.

✨Known as the ‘Master Healer’, Clear Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifying crystal. 

✨Palo Santo is used to cleanse and purify spaces. Its unique citrus and woody scent absorbs negative energy and promotes positivity and joy. 

✨Selenite is associated with purity, healing and hope.

Chakras: All or as needed

Sage size: 3-4″, Palo Santo Stick: 3-4″, Selenite Stick: 3-4″, Clear Quartz Piece: 1-2″ will vary in color, shape, and size.


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