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Smudging Sticks

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Smudging Stick

Smudging Sticks are ideal to deep cleanse the house to attract blessings and eliminate negativity. Excellent for use during meditation, rituals of prayer or funerals, and wedding ceremonies.

✨Dragon’s Blood Sage Smudge Stick: Powerful blend of scents of Dragon’s Blood Resin and Sage. This combination cultivates an aura of protection and love, amplifies healing and manifestation, and wards off evil and negative influences. It purifies the air and brings mental and spiritual clarity.

✨The Lavender Sage Smudge Stick: Calming blend of sweet and floral scent of Lavender, and woodsy and slightly astringent scent of Sage that aids in relieving stress and anxiety, restores emotional balance, cleanses and creates a peaceful, and harmonious atmosphere. 

✨Palo Santo Sage: Mystic blend of earthly scent of Palo Santo, and woodsy and slightly astringent scent of Sage. The smoke from this combination purifies the environment, provides protection against negative energies, brings clarity and aids in spiritual healing and elevation. 

✨White Sage: Burned to purify the mind, body and spirit before praying. Sage also purifies the atmosphere of all negativity.

✨White Sage with Ruda Rue: Refreshing blend that offers woodsy and herbal scents of Sage and Ruda Rue. The smoke from this combination purifies surroundings, repels negative energies and fills a space with intense healing powers. It provides strong protection from all unwanted spirits and influences.

✨White Sage with Cedar: Powerful combination of woodsy fragrances of White Sage and Cedar. The smoke from this blend purifies a new space from unwanted spirits and influences, and reinforces protection already in place. It aids in healing and brings wealth and prosperity.

✨White Sage & Lavender: Refreshing blend of sweet and woodsy fragrances of White Sage and Lavender. The smoke from this combination aids in relieving stress and anxiety, restores emotional balance, cleanses and creates a peaceful and calming atmosphere. It provides strong protection against unwanted spirits and negative influences.

✨"Let Go" Botanical: White Sage with natural green Rosemary foliage & natural pink Carnation petals, helps to let go of any energy that no longer serves any purpose in life. Elevates forgiveness and healing, and assists to conquer feminine empowerment and divinity. Perfect to use for meditation or full moon rituals and otherwise to thoroughly cleanse a person or a specific space to attract clean vibrations.

✨"Renewal" Botanical: Provides protection, dispels negative energies, and attracts positive energies that rejuvenate you as well as your space. Ideal for meditation or New Moon rituals and otherwise to ward off evil, prevent illness or cleanse a person or space.

Approximately 4, 5, 9", each Smudging Stick will vary in color, shape, and size.


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